“Elizabeth was a joy to work with. She was very thorough and direct, which made setting up our collaboration very easy. Her thoughtful styling of our product and kind words inspired others to try our company. We appreciated her positive energy and hope to work with her in the future!”

Meg Golz, Digital Marketing Manager, Parabo Press

“I love collaborating with Elizabeth. She's super detail-oriented and professional. Not only does she have a great eye for style, but she's also a very committed and trustworthy person, making her great to work with. I really admire Elizabeth’s deep connection with her Insta community.”

Desha Peacock, Founder of Sweet Spot Style, Author, Life Style Design Coach

“I worked with Elizabeth to do a giveaway of one of my paintings, and it was a great experience. She posted and coordinated everything, making it easy for me and for the IG community to participate. Elizabeth is attentive, thoughtful, and caring.”

Amira Rahimart, Artist

“Loved working with elizabeth bear designs. Elizabeth was an absolute delight.”

Lola Donoghue, Artist

 “It’s been a pleasure collaborating with Elizabeth.  She’s got a great eye for design and a great affinity with her Instagram community.”

Mike Di Paulo, Owner, Homefest